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Why Claim Being Unable to Work? Notes On Personal Injury Law

The most important point to remember in any personal injury case is that you have a right to proper compensation if you were not at fault. And even if you are partially at fault, you still have a right to a claim. If you are hit by a car, shatter a bone and are in the hospital for months, your life has changed. Certainly you deserve far more than just having your hospital bill paid for. Yet many misunderstand their rights in personal injury claims. You might get offered a big check, at a value half what you deserve. Including in this claim would be your inability to work.

This guide gives solutions for your personal injury claims. We will focus on:

Your inability to work.
If you will ever be able to work again.
If you were not at fault.
If your life has changed greatly.

You Cannot Work
Even missing 3 months of work can set you back thousands of dollars. This should be properly compensated for. You deserve far more than your hospital bill to be covered. Of course, there is far more to being off work than just losing money. You often lose opportunities and may not be able to work this type of job again.

If You Can't Work This Job, Or Any Job

If you can no longer do physical labor and you have worked a construction job for 10 years, which you are trained for, you deserve compensation. Often insurers will try to cut corners in initial offers. Being unable to perform the same job is a life changing event. If you can no longer work any job, you likely deserve additional pain and suffering damages. If this happens to a loved one, it can also severely hurt the relationship. There are many laws involved and you need to consult with a personal injury attorney immediately.

You Weren't At Fault

If you get into an accident and someone else is to blame, obviously you deserve damages. But don't mistake your involvement. If you had a part in the accident, say walked in front of a car speeding, that does not mean your damages are significantly less. They can be lowered if it's found both are at fault, but the person most at fault and who caused the injury still has to pay.

Your Life Has Changed

Finally, being unable to work your job is a life changing event. Many of us take pride in working every day. Being incapable of working changes your life greatly. Because your life has changed, other issues may present themselves. If you suffer through mental anguish this falls under pain and suffering issues, you need to be compensated.

Some of these points may sound very obvious. Because many of these cases are settled out of court, it's important to note that personal injury settlements should cover more than medical expenses and work changes: they should also cover life changes.