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Why Pain and Emotional Damage Increase Your Personal Injury Claim

If you have been hurt, you need to get better. If someone has hurt you, you need to know your legal rights. In personal injury claims, while no two cases are exactly alike, there are some parts which merit going over in detail. Namely, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment, and other ways where your settlement may be higher than you think.

Why is it important to know these things? Aren't injury, economic loss, and medical costs more important? You may be surprised to find your claim doubling in value simply because you went through or are going through extreme pain or emotional suffering.

Why Pain and Suffering Issues Make Claims Higher

Pain and suffering is not something you can quantify easily in legal terms, but that does not make it any less important. While your doctor may know the cause of the pain, he or she may have trouble actually stopping it. Not surprisingly, in personal injury lawsuits with extreme pain and suffering issues you can and should be compensated. If you suffer through this, it needs to stop, and those at fault must at the least make financial restitution.

What We Mean by Emotional Distress
You may go through a serious depression after you find out you're ability to run will be gone, or you can barely walk, or that you will suffer through certain conditions the rest of your life. Perhaps you may suffer trauma from the accident. If you suffer emotionally, you need to be compensated.

Loss of Life Enjoyment
If you can't walk, as an example, that is a loss of life enjoyment, and a great one. If you cannot do the same things you've been doing all your life, it can cause a great impact on your life. Therefore, proper compensation is needed.

Loss of Love
If you suffer through sexual problems –  not being able to have any relations with your spouse – this too is a major change in your life. Also, if you're relationship with others in the family, such as your son or daughter, is greatly affected by your injury, this can be considered in a claim.

How to Value Your Claim
A personal injury claim is about far more than who's at fault, why they're at fault, and a hospital bill. Your claim can likely be valued much higher if you suffer beyond the injury. In any case, a professional personal injury lawyer is required. Quite often you'll be getting offers from insurers; until they make due on the emotional and other damages, you and your lawyer should be prepared to make counter offers.

Pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of happiness and love – these things can be difficult to prove. However, an experienced lawyer can get you proper compensation for your losses. While money isn't the answer for everything, it is important.