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Why You Have a Right to a Medical Negligence Lawsuit

Sometimes we forgot our basic rights when we or a loved one have been hurt. Clearly most of us know our rights, but in cases where someone is trying to help you and fails, it may seem wrong to sue. This is particularly prevalent in medical negligence cases. You have rights, and this guide explains them. If you're unsure of where to begin, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Your Right to Proper Care
So just what is medical negligence? It occurs when your rights to proper medical care have been violated. You expect proper care from a professional physician, and you deserve it. If the doctor, nurses, staff, or hospital makes incompetent decisions, your rights are being violated. This is very important. A lawsuit is possible in cases where a competent person could have done the same work with no mistakes. When lives are on the line, when injuries need proper care, by law a hospital must be able to treat it properly.

Your Right to Sue for Negligence

If the medical help is negligent, it is considered medical malpractice. If you or a loved one suffer a major injury, and the doctor fails to see the extent of it and causes you pain and suffering, you have a right to sue. If a nurse fails to administer drugs correctly, you have a right to sue. The claim can be made against many involved. The doctor, the hospital, the medical staff – each are subject to suits. Yes, it may seem wrong to sue the people who tried to help you, but your insurance is paying them to act appropriately, and you're putting your well-being in their hands. In all cases, you need a professional lawyer in order to see the scope of the damages.

Your Right to Damages
If you and your lawyer can clearly prove medical negligence has occurred, you can expect to get damages. What do you prove? As in other personal injury cases, you just need to think logically. If the right decisions had been made, would further injury have occurred? If a competent doctor had gone through the surgery, would the same problems have been made? In personal injury law, competence is important. If you can prove that a more competent medical professional would have made no such mistake, you can sue for damages.

How much can you get? It depends on the scope of the injury, but medical malpractice lawsuits are very serious. Well, all personal injury cases are serious, but here you are putting your well-being in the hands of those who are supposed to act professionally. By risking further injury or even death, they are breaking your right to proper medical care.

Your Right to a Lawyer

Finally, before you make any decision, you need to contact a local, experienced personal injury lawyer. Medical malpractice is something many lawyers specialize in. A lawyer will cost you some money, but if your case is strong, the damages resulting go well beyond paying for legal help. Your lawyer's job is to educate you on the laws involved, explain how much damages you deserve, and represent you in a court of law.