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Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney for an Appeal

Your personal injury case went in the wrong direction. Maybe your lawyer failed to represent you correctly. Maybe it was not your lawyers fault; cases are won and lost every day and sometimes the facts are the facts.

However, in some cases a more experienced personal injury lawyer could have done better. You might not have a good dialogue with the lawyer. Also, your lawyer may have overcharged you or acted inappropriately. In any of these cases, you can hire a new personal injury lawyer and begin an appeal. This is your second chance to prove in a court that you were wronged.

It could involve a car accident, a loved one dying through medical negligence, or a number of other personal injury cases which involve pain, suffering, and costs. In these cases, it is your right for compensation – you just need an experienced personal injury lawyer to help.

How can they help?
In an earlier post, we went over how you can appeal court decisions with appeals. In these cases, you are often entering no new evidence (though if there is clearly relevant new evidence, you can use it). Now, there will be no trial, no jury, no witnesses, no opening and closing arguments. Your lawyer for you as plaintiff will appeal that the court decision was in error. Perhaps your new lawyer feels the judge or jury did not accurately interpret the laws. This is where the appeals court comes in, going over everything that happened and was presented in court, and then making a case for you. The defense will be fighting this, stating the original trial and its verdict were correct and should be upheld.

The Appellate Brief

The appellate brief is your lawyers way to win. He or she will write a brief with the intent of persuading that the trial judge did not accurately interpret the laws. The defense too will create a brief, but to prove the judge did act correctly.

The Record

All documents, evidence, the pleading, the pre-trial motions, a transcript of the trial, and more will be presented to the appeals court. It can be problematic for both sides in this step, as if not enough was said in the trial you have little opportunity to do so again. An experienced lawyer can still win, but as you can't usually enter new evidence or question witnesses a second time, it will be harder.

Your Last Chance

Even if you lose in appeal court, you can still file with the state or federal supreme court (unless you're in Maryland or New York,  who call this the Court of Appeals). The problem is you have a smaller chance of even appearing in court. Supreme courts get a lot of appeals cases, and unless a law has been broken or something else isn't correct, you will have trouble even getting to court.

If you're this far along in the process, you may wonder if going through appeals court and the supreme court is even worth it. An experienced personal injury lawyer should be able to help you make the decision.