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Your Options and Your Rights - On Personal Injury Law

What kind of claims call for a personal injury lawsuit? More than you might think. And you may be wondering why you have options when injured, or what your rights mean when you walk into a court room. This blog guide can help.

Do you have a claim?

A useful legal resource for lawyers, experts, and “newbies” is Nolo.com, who recommend you file a claim in four scenarios. You suffer a permanent injury. You or a loved one may be incapable of walking correctly for six months to permanently. You suffer from medical malpractice. An incompetent doctor or hospital makes crucial mistakes and it costs you. You suffer a severe injury, such as loss of sight, because of a car accident or fire which should not have occurred. Finally, in a world full of science and technology, sometimes “toxic” problems, such as dangerous gases or some other contaminate, can lead to major injury or death. In all of these examples, there is room for discussion on when a claim is worth pursuing. You should never make this decision alone; get a lawyer's help.

You Have Rights

As a citizen of the U.S., as a worker, as a parent, as a safe driver, as someone who puts trust in a hospital, you have rights and they must be protected. It may sound like the Bill of Rights, but the point is that you have rights and sometimes you have to protect them. Often enough, it will be you, not someone else, making the decision for a lawsuit. You should make an educated decision by reading pieces like this one and consulting with a lawyer.

Who should you hire?
You have the option of literally thousands of lawyers pretty much anywhere in the country. Your options are many, but they are not all equal. Not all lawyers are capable of helping you. You want someone who specializes in personal injury, perhaps even has direct experience in your situation – if you were in a car accident, accident law is important. You need someone who has the time to help you, not a lawyer who passes the ball to his or her second. And you want someone who is willing to work on the “no win, no fee” philosophy, where if they lose, they get nothing, and if they win, they get something.

How much?

How much can you expect from your personal injury settlement? It's a critical question, one we've went over before. This depends on how you act legally. If you settle out of court, it may be a “win, win” situation, where you can avoid a long legal battle. On the other hand, you may get more in court. Most lawsuits are settled out of court, and if you get the opportunity, consider it a gift. However, make no legal decisions without an experienced lawyer. There is always room for negotiation.