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How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me Win My Case?

Lawyer Only Wins When You Win
First and foremost, you want a personal injury lawyer who follows the "no win, no fee" philosophy. This is a great incentive for an experienced lawyer to help you. If you cannot get a lawyer to take your case, that may mean it's not a winner. On the other hand, if many are willing to take on your case, that means they're willing to spend more time and effort in getting results.

Finding Evidence and Witnesses
A good personal injury lawyer allows you to focus on getting better. If you were hit by a car, for example, and suffered serious injury and suffering, often the last thing on your mind is getting a huge settlement. However, who saw the accident, what the police report says, what evidence of injury there is – a lawyer is invaluable in finding these, proving fault, and helping you get proper medical help and compensation.

Negotiating Out of Court
Most personal injury lawsuits with clear proof and liability do not go to court. That makes hiring a lawyer experienced in negotiating very important. The defendant, the person at fault, will often want to settle before you set foot in court. You may even get some immediate offers. However, there is always room for negotiation, and you can almost always get more than your initial offers. But it takes a lawyer to negotiate.

Winning in Court
If you do go to court – not common but it does occur – you likely will have no idea on how to handle the process. If you have no experience in court, your changes of winning are minimal at best. If you hire a lawyer without the knowledge and skills to win, it may cost you money as well. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you decide both if you should accept an offer and how to win in court.

How much do you pay?
Typically an experienced personal injury lawyer will take about 25% of the final amount if you settle before court. If you go to court, lawyer fees will be more, making it closer to 35%. Both are very fair. If you get a $25,000 settlement, you might pay $6,000 to $8,000 to your lawyer.

How to Make the Decision
How do you hire the right personal injury lawyer? You can look up many experienced lawyers at the State Bar of your state. You can also find many online. The key point is to go beyond just a few searches; look at experience and rates of several lawyers prior to making a decision.

While some consider forgoing a lawyer, accepting a settlement, and avoiding a lawsuit, you have a right to proper compensation, and your personal injury lawyer protects that right.