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Why is my injury claim taking so long?

An accident claim is quite often a long distance run, not a sprint. That's unfortunate in some ways, but really understandable when you think about it. Sometimes more time gives you a stronger case, a better scope of your injury, and the time needed to hire an excellent accident lawyer. This guide first goes over why accident claims are important, then makes it clear what you can do to speed up the process and still get proper compensation.

Why is time important?
You quite often will not know if your injuries are permanent, or if other injuries become problems, unless you wait some months. The recommendation is 6 months to a year, but really, one year is what you want. The extra time protects you from any future physical or mental injury, pain, and suffering. There are so many points to an accident case, so many things which may occur making more compensation needed. You may, for example, not be able to work safely for 2 years or more, but don't know this until you try working again. The scenarios are many; just remember time is money, but more time can mean more compensation.

What happens before trial?
Before trial, you clearly want to evaluate all the effects of your injury. This is always with your doctor and other medical experts. Until your condition has stabilized, your doctor can make no assumptions. It's his or her job to show how severe your injuries are, and this process should not be rushed.

The Discovery Process
Also before trial is discovery of key evidence, witnesses, and fault for the accident. Lawyers for both sides will be going over the evidence provided. Both lawyers exchange disclosure documents, list witnesses and experts who will testify, and also have you answer questions under oath. You will then be asked for the basic materials proving your need for compensation, including accident reports, medical costs, and insurance policies.

The Way to Speed the Process Up – No Secrets
The fact is most accident lawsuits do not go to trial. The great majority are settled far before you take a step into court. This saves the defendant excessive lawyer fees; and if your case is a strong one, they might need this money. Settlements are so common in accident cases that they sometimes occur before a lawsuit is even filed. You then pay your lawyer his or her fee from the settlement money, and get your compensation. Even still, you should not rush this process. Do not accept a settlement without the guidance of your doctor and lawyer.

How to Get the Right Lawyer - And just who should you hire for your accident case? There are many thousands of personal injury lawyers who'd love to work with you, most likely, because if you have a winner, they want to help. Not all are out for your money. This is a job, and they deserve compensation for help. But be sure they can help, be sure they have valuable accident law experience in and out of court, and also make sure that they do not charge you too much. Perhaps most important, you want to get along with this lawyer; if the case drags on, hiring a new one can be problematic.