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Definition of Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily injury liability is the liability for causing another person's injury. Drivers can purchase bodily injury liability coverage through a liability coverage car insurance policy. This type of insurance will protect you from financial responsibility if you are at fault in an accident which injures a passenger or another person who is not on your insurance.

Payments for bodily injury liability can include payment for medical bills, funeral expenses, long-term rehabilitation, legal fees and loss of income. Pain and suffering may also be paid in the amount determined by the courts. The pain and suffering payment is for any emotional or physical stress inflicted on the victim. Not all states require bodily injury liability insurance. Some states will waive the requirement if you can prove you have the means to pay for the expenses. Consider, however, if you are in an accident and your negligence causes injury to another person you may be liable to compensate them for their loss and could be sued.

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