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Definition of Future Medical

Under personal injury law you may be entitled to past and future medical expense reimbursements if you win your personal injury case and prove another person's negligence caused your loss. Future medical can also refer to on-going medical care for a work-related injury and can be factored into your workers' compensation payment.

Talk to a personal injury lawyer if you have future medical needs. Consider, if there is a liability claim against an at-fault driver, the remaining medical expenses will be paid after the settlement or amount has been paid by the liability carrier but because the medical coverage is not "left open" it is important that you work with a lawyer to understand how to calculate the projected amount to ensure it is considered in the final settlement. A value must be put on future treatment now. This can be done by a professional who can evaluate the following: 1) the likelihood of the need for care; 2) a specific description of the type of care need; and 3) an estimate of the projected costs of the care including how long the care will be needed and the life expectancy of the patient.

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