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Definition of Law Clerks

A law clerk, also called a Judicial Clerk, assists with administrative work in a legal office. Tasks for law clerks vary but can include handling correspondence, filing documents, researching case law, and formatting or drafting legal documents. Some law clerks are attending law school while getting experience working for a lawyer or judge. A law clerk also may have the chance to influence the judicial system through their assistance to judges and researching legal issues.

The law clerk position is generally offered to law students who graduate near the top of their class. Law clerks may go on to start their own firm or eventually become a judge. Law clerks are not courtroom deputies or court clerks who are actually part of the administrative staff for the court.

The most prestigious law clerks are those who work for the United States Supreme Court and the courts of appeals, district courts and state supreme courts.Law clerks for these judges can work on disputes within the Federal Government, commercial litigation, and corporate or shareholder derivative actions.

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