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Definition of Libel

Libel is false or malicious content which defames a person. By its definition libel is published, written or broadcasted. Personal injury claims may be filed for libel if a person can prove they have suffered loss or have lost their reputation and are unable to work in their profession. The amount of compensation which is rewarded will depend on the laws in the state, the details of the case and proof of the harm suffered. Consider, however, it can be very difficult to prove financial loss.

Common types of libel may include accusing someone for a crime they did not commit or claiming a person has a contagious disease. Because it is tough to win a libel case it's important to talk to a personal injury lawyer. The injury lawyer can review your case and determine if your case is worth pursuing. Remember, it is not enough that someone published information which may be harmful to you it is important that you can prove some type of loss.

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