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Definition of Limited Tort Option

Some states allow drivers to purchase motor vehicle insurance with a limited tort option. Under this restriction, the insured can only seek monetary damages for economic loss, including medical bills. This means that if you are injured due to the negligence of another driver you may not be able to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages for pain and suffering. Pain and suffering compensation is generally not allowed except under specific circumstances. Exceptions may exist, however, for very serious injuries, injuries whose cost reaches a specific threshold,if the driver was driving under the influence alcohol, if the at-fault driver is registered to drive in another state or if you were injured in accident while driving or riding in a commercial vehicle.

Drivers often purchase limited tort insurance coverage because they do not believe they will ever be injured in an accident, and they are able to save money on their insurance premiums. Limited tort differs from full tort insurance which allows you to sue for pain and suffering if you are injured in a car accident.

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