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Definition of Litigation

Litigation is the process of settling a controversy or lawsuit in court to resolve disputes. Cases are most often settled out of court by agreement or negotiation, but if not, they can be heard by a jury or judge in court.

Most claimants who decide to file a lawsuit and litigate an issue will hire a lawyer to file the complaint because the rules of civil procedure, whether established by Federal, state or local law, and strict court formalities make it difficult for a claimant to proceed with their own litigation.

If you have been injured from the negligence of another person or if you have injured another person in a car accident or an accident at your home the first step is to review your insurance policy to see what type of coverage you may have and the money available to compensate the victim. Next, it is generally best to talk to a lawyer about litigation.

In some type of litigation cases such as personal injury, the lawyer generally works on a contingency fee basis and is not paid unless you win. If you win they recover a portion of your settlement. If you lose the lawyer is not paid.

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