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Definition of Mediator

A mediator can be any third party person such as a lawyer or professional mediator who helps in the mediation process. The goal of the mediator is not to decide who wins or loses a case but rather to help each party come to a mutually satisfying decision.

The benefit of mediation and using a mediator is they are a neutral third party. They do not have an agenda and are not part of the conflict. They can objectively hear evidence or information, review issues, discuss each party's needs and identify resolutions to help each part reach an agreement.

Court mediators are certified in mediation from a conflict resolution program at a college or university, or they have an advanced college degree. A two-year master's degree in public policy, law and related fields is also a benefit if you would like to be a court mediator.It is not uncommon for lawyers to also work as mediators. According to the United States Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics the median annual wage for mediators was $55,800 based on a 40-hour work-week, this salary breaks down to $26.83 per hour.

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