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Definition of Prescription Error

Medical malpractice cases can include prescription errors. Prescription errors occur when a patient does not receive the right medication, they receive the wrong dosage, diagnostic errors are made which lead to incorrect therapy and procedures, injuries due to blood transfusions, and failure with equipment due to improper maintenance.

There has been an increase in prescription errors by hospitals and pharmacies in the last several years which have been blamed on understaffing, inaccurate inventory of supplies, poor training and errors in communication.

Common conditions which can result from medication errors include internal bleeding, brain injury, kidney damage, comas, liver damage, severe burns of the digestive system, hypertension, permanent disabilities, and death. If you have been injured due to a prescription error you may be able to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Consider, however that all cases involving prescription errors must be filed within a specified time frame from the date of injury.

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