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Definition of Small Claims

Small claims are claims which are under a specified dollar value which are settled in a small claims court.The small claims court is called the "people's court," and a lawyer is generally not needed. Personnel in the Clerk's office can provide the necessary forms for filing a small claims case.

Small claims can be filed by any person or persons eighteen (18) years or older, or any individual(s) doing business as a company. A parent or guardian may also file on behalf of a minor child. Each person who is a party to the claim must sign the necessary paperwork.

To file a claim you will need the name of the person you are suing and copies of any contracts, notes, leases, receipts, or other evidence you may have in support of your claim. Each person in the claim will receive a Summons/Notice to appear in court on the date and time scheduled when the claim is filed.

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