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Definition of Tort

A tort is a wrongful action either intentionally or unintentionally committed against another person. Tort generally describes a civil infraction and a violation of an individual's "duty of care." If the tortfeasor (or person who committed the tort) is found to be negligent and their negligence causes injury or loss to the victim, the victim may file a civil action or lawsuit against them for their subsequent loss.

If a tortfeasor loses their case and is found responsible for the tort they will be forced to compensate the victim, generally through fines. Tortfeasors generally are not sent to jail unless they are also prosecuted for their actions in criminal court. It is possible to win compensation for a tort through a civil case even if the torfeasor is found not guilty of a crime. Consider also, most tort cases can be won through a preponderance of evidence which is a much lower standard than a criminal case, which must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

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