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Definition of Will

A will is the legal document which declares a person's "last wishes" after their death. A will can name an executor, name a guardian for children and property, decide how debts and taxes will be paid, provide for pet care and serve as a backup plan to a living trust.

To create a valid will you must know what property you have and what it means to leave it to someone after your death (which means you must have a sound mind), you must name beneficiaries for your property, you must sign the document and you should have at least two other witnesses sign the document. Individuals can create their own wills or they can hire a lawyer to write one for them. Keep in mind the language on the will should be clear, accurate and not ambiguous.

Seek legal help if you want to disinherit your spouse or child, you think someone will challenge your will, you want to control how your property is used after your death or you have concerns about estate taxes.

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