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A Cauda Equina Syndrome and Filing an Injury Lawsuit

A cauda equina syndrome injury is an injury that can be brought about by an accident that results from another person's negligence or a doctor or medical center's medical malpractice. If this is the reason why you have sustained a cauda equina syndrome injury, you may need help from a personal injury attorney.

Traveling down from your brain through your spinal canal that is located inside of your vertebral column is your spinal cord. Branching off of your spinal cord are nerves, which are an extension of your spinal cord.

It is these nerves that branch off of your spinal cord that send signals to and from your muscles and other anatomical parts located throughout your body. The signals that are received by your brain enable it to interpret information from your body, such as sense of position, pain and touch. The signals that are sent out by your brain are what allow your brain to control your muscle movements and functions of your organs.

Your cauda equina is a bundle of nerve roots that is located at the end of your spinal cord. When your cauda equina is compressed or inflamed, difficulties and problems can be brought about.

When your cauda equina is compressed or inflamed in an extremely serious way, what results is referred to as cauda equina syndrome. A cauda equina syndrome injury is regarded as a serious matter that is looked at as a surgical emergency. If a cauda equina syndrome injury is not examined and diagnosed, left untreated or not dealt with in a timely manner, it can bring about conditions, such as impotence, incontinence and chronic (ongoing, continuing) pain. In fact, a cauda equina syndrome injury can result in permanent disability or paralysis.

Signs and symptoms you may have a Cauda Equina Syndrome Injury

There are several signs and symptoms which may indicate that you have suffered a cauda equina syndrome injury. Some of these include:

  • Bowel incontinence
  • Bladder incontinence
  • Inability to empty your bladder
  • Weakness in your legs
  • Reduction or absence of your lower extremity reflexes
  • Sciatica ( numbness and/or tingling in your buttocks and lower extremities)
  • Low back pain
  • Extreme pain
  • Loss of movement all throughout your legs and hips

Possible Causes for Cauda equina syndrome

Cauda equina syndrome can be caused by several things. This includes:

  • A birth defect
  • Narrowing of your spinal canal
  • Spinal tumors (neoplasms)
  • Infectious and inflammatory conditions
  • Spinal stenosis

However, cauda equina syndrome can also result from a cauda equina syndrome injury that is caused by the negligence of someone else or medical malpractice. Examples of this are:

  • A violent impact like that in a car accident
  • A fall from a significant height
  • Latrogenic causes (medical causes) like poorly positioned screws that are placed in your spine, continuous spinal anesthesia, or lumbar puncture (spinal tap)
  • Fracture
  • A herniated or ruptured disc
  • Epidural hematoma (collection of blood surrounding your nerves that follows some kind of trauma)
  • A penetrating trauma like being shot with a gun or stabbed.

If you have suffered a cauda equina syndrome injury due to medical malpractice or the negligence of another party, you really ought to contact a personal injury attorney.