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Slip and Fall and Personal Injuries

A significant number of personal injuries are caused each year from a slip and fall. This term is frequently used in personal injury claims where the injured party is injured on another person's property, although the injured party does not actually have to "slip".

Common slip and fall accidents can include tripping or falling due to a slippery or wet floor, uneven floor surface, dangerous stairs or inadequate lighting. Common injuries from a slip and fall can include a sprained or broken ankle, broken or sprained arm, injured hand or wrists or a brain injury.

Sprains can generally be treated with ice and by mobilizing the injury. More severe broken bones must be treated by a medical professional who may recommend putting a cast on the injury or surgery.

Head injuries are the most severe personal injuries caused by a slip and fall. Severe head injuries can cause nausea, loss of consciousness, vomiting, slurred speech, seizures, and headaches.

If not treated properly, some head injuries can cause permanent brain damage or death. Although some minor head injuries may only require a home remedy, it is best to seek medical care if you have suffered any type of head injury. Requesting a CT scan or MRI, especially if you have a severe closed head wound, may be critical to ensuring you do not suffer permanent disability or death.

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