No insurance, how do I get compensation for my car accident injuries?

You have been injured in a car accident. Your car accident injuries require medical attention. You may have had to be taken to the emergency room at a hospital. You may have even had to be admitted to the hospital and stay in the hospital for days or weeks due to your car accident injuries. The car accident may not have been  your fault, but the medical bills for your car accident injuries have been sent to you.

You may ask, “Why were the medical bills sent to me. I was not at fault. The other driver was responsible for the accident. Why didn’t the medical bills go to the other driver or their insurance company?”

When you are injured in a car accident, the hospital and doctors that treat your car accident injuries will send all of your medical bills to you. This is true regardless of the fact that you were not at fault for the car accident.

To make matters worse, you do not have any health insurance. The question that you may now have is, “Can a personal injury lawyer help me with my car accident injuries if I do not have health insurance?” Yes, a personal injury lawyer can help you in this situation. However, there are challenges that have to be dealt with.

If a person has a car accident and they have health insurance, they will pay less for their medical bills. The reason for this is because health insurance companies pay less for the same medical service or treatment than someone has to pay that does not have health insurance.

Here is a simple way to put it. If you have a car accident without health insurance, you pay the full retail price for car accident medical treatment and services. If you have a car accident and have health insurance, you pay wholesale prices for car accident medical treatment and services.

This is not the only challenge that you face when you have a car accident and do not have health insurance. The amount that the other driver’s insurance company offers may be affected by the fact that you do not have health insurance. When figuring out what they think is a fair settlement to you, the insurance company may use wholesale or retail figures for your medical bills.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer after a Car Accident

How can a personal injury lawyer help you after a car accident even though you do not have health insurance? The lawyers at will work hard to get you the maximum monetary settlement that is due you for loss of earnings from missing work due to the car accident  injuries you suffered in the car accident, past, present and future medical bills and the human suffering and pain that you have gone through. The lawyers at will do this even though you do not have health insurance. Keep in mind, certain states have implemented no-fault insurance which may make it more difficult to file personal injury claims following a car accident.

Time is important because there are statutes of limitation for filing a car accident claim. Contact the lawyers at at your earliest convenience.

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