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Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed by Family of Police Officer


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A personal injury lawsuit has been filed against the city of Santa Maria, California by the family of a police officer who was killed by another police officer. The police officer was killed at a DUI (driving under the influence) checkpoint on Saturday, January 28, 2012 as other police officers attempted to arrest him.

The police officer, 29-year-old Albert Covarrubias, was a four year veteran of the Santa Maria police department. Covarrubias was being investigated by the Santa Maria police department for an alleged sexual relationship with a 17-year-old minor who was working at the police department.

Covarrubias had just learned that he was being investigated. The police officer threatened to kill himself.

No chance

Santa Maria police Chief Danny Macagni said that it became necessary to arrest Covarrubias, immediately. In a statement Macagni said, “We had no choice.” He said investigators had evidence “that demanded that we go out and take this officer off the street immediately.”

Macagni said that he was not able to give any details because of the sensitivity of the investigation. However, he said “there was some witness intimidation involved.” He said the arrest could not wait for a more proper place or time.

Macagni said, “The information that we had in hand demanded that we not let him leave that scene, get in a car, drive somewhere, it would put the public at risk. We just did not know what was going to happen, we did not expect him to react the way that he did.”

Tried to arrest

It is alleged that as Sgt. Chris Nartatez tried to arrest his fellow police officer, Covarrubias took his gun from his holster and fired at Nartatez. This led to a struggle between Covarrubias and two on-duty police officers.

Police officer Matthew Kline was a witness to the struggle and shot Covarrubias three times. Covarrubias died later that night after emergency surgery.

There was a long investigation of the incident. It was the ruling of the local district attorney that Kline had reacted in an appropriate way to a “life-threatening situation”. He ruled that Kline would not be charged for what he did.

Violated several laws

The family of Covarrubias think that the police department violated several laws in the investigation and arrest of their family member. The family also believes that the exoneration of officer Kline was a politically motivated decision.

The family believes that the “investigation was conducted with a pre-determined outcome clearing the city and its officials of any wrong doing. The attorney for the family said that the investigation represented an “attempt to protect officials at the highest levels of the police department.”

In the personal injury lawsuit that was filed July 10, 2012, the family of officer Covarrubias is only asking for $10,000 compensation. However, there are sources that indicate that the family has filed this personal injury lawsuit to set the stage for a far greater wrongful death lawsuit in a few more months.

If you believe that you family member or loved one was the victim of a wrongful death, you should contact a personal injury attorney.

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Michael Jackson’s Dad Drops Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s dad, Joe Jackson, has dropped his wrongful death lawsuit against former doctor Conrad Murray. Murray is the cardiologist who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in causing the death of Michael Jackson.

The wrongful death lawsuit was dropped at the request of Joe Jackson. The lawsuit was dropped on Monday, August 13, 2012, according to court records. No reason was given as to why Jackson dropped the wrongful death lawsuit.

Jackson filed the wrongful death lawsuit against Conrad Murray back in June, 2010, on the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. At that time, a federal judge refused to hear the case. However, Jackson then refiled the wrongful death lawsuit in November, in state court in Los Angeles, California.

Lawsuit refiled

When Jackson refiled the wrongful death lawsuit, he added concert promoter AEG Live and a Las Vegas pharmacy as plaintiffs in the lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed before Murray, the now former doctor, was put on trial and convicted for involuntary manslaughter. Murray is now serving a four-year sentence in jail for this crime.

AEG Live petitioned in February to be dropped as a defendant in the wrongful death lawsuit. Their petition was granted.

In the wrongful death lawsuit, Jackson maintained that Murray, as well as several pharmacy suppliers, were negligent in failing to give Michael Jackson the adequate care, diagnosis, treatment and resuscitation equipment, which resulted in the King of Pop’s death that resulted from an overdose of the powerful anesthetic propofol that was administered by Murray. The lawsuit alleged that Murray lied to doctors about administering this powerful drug to Michael Jackson, which resulted in his death.

Personal loss

The wrongful death lawsuit also included Joe Jackson’s alleged personal loss and pain. The lawsuit said, “As a result of that failure, Jackson was deprived with the loss of companionship of his son.”

Murray’s attorney, Valerie Wass, was pleased that the lawsuit had been dropped against her client. She said, “I was pleased that Joe Jackson’s case against my client has been dismissed. It was always my opinion that Joe Jackson lacked standing to bring this action, and that eventually the case would be dismissed.”

However, the wrongful death lawsuit was dropped without prejudice. What this means is that Jackson can refile the lawsuit with the same allegations at a later time if circumstances allow.

Not named in will

Joe Jackson was not named in Michael Jackson’s will. Jackson has stayed out of the ongoing family fuss over whether Michael Jackson’s will is legal.

Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson’s mother, temporarily lost custody of his three children. Her custody was later reinstated, and she is sharing guardianship of Prince, Paris and Blanket with their cousin, T.J. Jackson, at the present time.

Lawsuit still pending

Katherine Jackson still has a lawsuit that is pending against the concert promoter AEG Live. The lawsuit alleges negligence on the part of AEG Live in hiring Murray. AEG Live was behind Michael Jackson’s London concerts that he was preparing for at the time of his death. Katherine Jackson’s lawsuit is set for trial in April, 2013.

If you believe that your loved one’s death was a wrongful death, the right thing to do is to contact a personal injury attorney.

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Assisted Living Center Wrongful Death Lawsuit

For many people, it is a depressing and traumatic day when a child has to place a parent in a nursing home or assisted living center because that parent can no longer care for themselves in their own home. It is a day that is made easier when you believe and trust that the assisted living center or nursing home is going to provide the care and supervision that your parent needs.

When a facility does not supervise its residents like it has a responsibility to do, the consequences may be tragic and devastating. This is what Ronald Corn is alleging that Sunrise Sterling Canyon Assisted Living of Valencia, California is guilty of. Corn is alleging elder care neglect on the part of the assisted living center. He is bringing a wrongful death lawsuit against the assisted living center which claims that the center was negligent in allowing his mother Loretta Hooker to develop heatstroke. In addition, the lawsuit alleges fraud, elder abuse and wrongful death.

What is a wrongful death

A wrongful death is when the death of your loved one or family member has taken place as a result of the deliberate, reckless, willful or negligent act of another party. When this occurs, the death then becomes what is known as a “wrongful death.” This is true regardless of whether the act that brought about the death was done by a person or a company.

In the lawsuit, Corn says that before his mother’s death, he had raised concerns with the assisted living center about leaving residents outside for too long with no supervision. In fact, Corn had set up a formal meeting with the assisted living center on August 24, 2011 to discuss this issue.

Corn discovered that his mother was sitting outside on the patio again with no supervision when he arrived at the center for the meeting. The patio had no shade to protect his mother from the sun.

Died of heatstroke

As Corn came to his mother, he found her unresponsive, displaying signs of respiratory distress. Corn’s mother was rushed to a local hospital, but unfortunately, she died of heatstroke. At the time of his mother’s death, her internal temperature was reported to be 103.3 degrees.

Corn’s attorney, R. Rex Parris said, “She died from heat exhaustion. It’s a serious crime to treat your dog that way, and we’re allowing people to treat our parents that way.”

Officials from the assisted living center gave out a statement that they take allegations of wrongdoing seriously. The statement also said that the center works to provide residents with the best care possible.

Hard to cope with

The death of a parent or loved one is never easy to cope with. When that death is a wrongful death, a death that could and should have been prevented, it is even more difficult to accept and deal with.

Do you have a family member whose death was a wrongful death? Do you want to see the party or parties responsible for that wrongful death held accountable and liable for their wrongdoings. If so, you need to contact a personal injury attorney who will advise you on what you need to do.