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Alabama Personal Injury

Alabama Personal Injury Laws

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Knowing the basics on Alabama personal injury law can greatly help you on your path to filing a successful claim. Can you file, if so how long do you have and how much money can you expect? Get your personal injury answers on Alabama law below or begin your case by completing our free case review and speaking with an attorney.

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Alabama Statute of Limitations

(Whats the time I have to file claims in Alabama?)
The statute of limitations in Alabama all depends on what type of claim you are filing. The time you have to file for intentional torts, medical malpractice, and personal injury negligent conduct is 2 years. If you are wanting to file an Alabama product liability claim then you have 1 year. If for some reason a substance that can harm you is discovered in the product, you have an additional year. This is called a "discovery rule".

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Car Accident in Alabama?

Alabama is a Fault State
Fault and No Fault rules apply to car accident cases. In Fault States, insurance adjusters pay accordingly to who is or isn't at fault in the accident.

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Alabama is a Contributory Negligence State

This means that if you played any part at all in the cause of the accident you cannot sue. An Alabama personal injury attorney can help in understanding how to prove fault or negligence.

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What About Damage Caps in Alabama Injury Law?

(How much compensation can I get?)
Alabama has absolutely no damage cap on medical liability cases. A $400,000 non-economic personal injury cap and a $1 million wrongful death cap used to exist, but were overturned.

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