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Colorado Personal Injury

Colorado Personal Injury Laws

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Below is a quick summary on Personal Injury Law in Colorado to provide a starting point for you and your claim. If you need more information and are ready to speak with an attorney about filing your Colorado injury claim, please complete our FREE evaluation.

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Colorado Statute of Limitations

(Can I file a claim in Colorado whenever I want?)
No, if you want to file a claim in Colorado you need to act accordingly. Personal injury claims in Colorado need to be filed within 2 years. But if the claim is due to a car accident you then have a 3 year period to file. If you are wanting to file a medical malpractice claim you only have 2 years from the time of discovery but within 3 years of the actual malpractice. Statute of limitations for Colorado can be tricky, it is always wisest to act fast with your Colorado attorney by your side.

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Colorado is a Fault State for Car Accidents

The fault state rules apply specifically to Colorado car accident cases. This rule simply means that after fault is determined the plaintiffs can then sue for accident damages.

Colorado Follows the 50% Rule for Negligence

Simply put, If you are 50% or less at fault you can try to sue and collect damages for the percentage amount of damages sustained.

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Are there Damage Caps in Colorado?

(How much can I get for my injuries?)
Yes, there are Colorado damage caps. There is a $1 million damage cap for "total damages". For non-economic damages the cap is $300,000. Sometimes, upon court decisions, you may be awarded a higher limit. Speak to a Colorado personal injury lawyer for details and amounts on damage caps.

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