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Minnesota Personal Injury

Minnesota Personal Injury Laws

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Knowing the injury laws in Minnesota will help you get a better understanding of your case. To summarize the Minnesota injury law information below; file your claim immediately, determine who's at fault in your car accident cases, and follow your Minnesota medical malpractice cases completely to see if you are getting the damages you deserve. If you need the help of an experienced Minnesota attorney, complete our free case review and confidently beging your case today.

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Minnesota Statute of Limitations

(How long do I have to file my claim in Minnesota?)
For Minnesota injury claims, the time you have depends on the type of claim you are trying to file. You have 4 years to file a Minnesota medical malpractice claim and a product liability claim. You only have 2 years to file a Minnesota intentional conduct personal injury claim. For general personal injury claims in Minnesota you have 6 years. Consult with an experienced Minnesota personal injury lawyer for the time you have on your specific case.

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Car Accident in Minnesota?
Minnesota is a No Fault State

In Minnesota car accident cases you cannot sue unless it is for serious injuries; ask your attorney what is determined as a serious injury in Minnesota. And your own personal injury protection from your insurance is how you would collect for hospital bills. This no fault rule applies if you meet Minnesotas 51% negligence rule.

Minnesota uses the 51% Rule for Negligence

If it has been determined that you can sue for serious injury then the 51% negligence rule comes in to play. If it has also been determined that you are no more than 49% at fault in your Minnesota car accident, then you can sue for the percentage of damages that occured. So, if you were 35% at fault and are trying to sue for serious injuries, it is possible that you can sue for up to 65%.

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Are there Damage Caps in Minnesota Injury Law?

(How much could I get for my malpractice claim?)
In Minnesota a damage cap on malpractice claims is not specified, but the state instead puts it in the courts hands to determine such amounts.

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