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Missouri Personal Injury Laws

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Missouri laws regarding personal injury cases can change at anytime. Even if you had previously filed a Missouri injury claim it is always wise to check on the current laws and limitations. Below is a quick list of Missouri personal injury information we find to be most helpful. If you and your injuries need more attention and the help of a Missouri injury attorney, please complete our free case evaluation.

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Missouri Statute of Limitations

(Can I file my Missouri claim whenever I want?)
No, by Missouri's statute of limitations for personal injury law you have specified amounts of time you can file your claims. For product liability cases the time period is 5 years. You have 5 years for negligent conduct in personal injury cases. If your case is due to someone's intentional conduct, you only have 2 years to file your claim. If your case is a Missouri medical malpractice claim, then you have 2 years from discovery date of your injuries up to 10 years from the actual incident that caused the injuries.

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Missouri Car Accidents?
Missouri is a Fault State

Fault rules apply to car accident cases. Fault state rules mean that you can sue for any accidents or injuries caused by them. The amount you can sue for all depends on the Missouri "comparative negligence" rule.

Missouri is a Comparative Negligence State

Simply put, even if the other party was responsible for only 2% of the accident, you can sue for 2% damages. Negligence is compared by a percentage amount and then the amounts you can sue for are determined this way.

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Are there Damage Caps in Missouri Injury Law?

(I'm a victim of malpractice in Missouri, how much can I get?)
The Missouri law on medical damage claims has set a damage cap at $350,000 for "non-economic damages". A spouse who claims "loss of consortium" has the same $350,000 damage cap. This is the same for Missouri wrongful death cases. Ask a Missouri personal injury lawyer what non-economic damages you can collect.

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