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Oregon Personal Injury Laws

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Legislature in Oregon is always working and the laws can change at anytime. Staying current with Oregon statute of limitations, how to prove car accident negligence, negligence rules, and other personal injury laws in Oregon can greatly help you get the damages you deserve. If you need Oregon attorney help in filing your claim complete our free review evaluation to see where your case stands.

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Oregon Statute of Limitations

(Time periods to file a claim in Oregon)
If you have a claim to file in Oregon, do it immediately. The faster you you take action, the more you can be confident that you will receive the damages you deserve. You only have 2 years to file a personal injury claim. If you have an Oregon medical malpractice claim you only have 2 years. You have 2 years to file yoru product liability claim and 3 years to file a wrongful death claim. Speak to an Oregon injury attorney to find out about the additional time for "discovery dates".

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Car Accident in Oregon?
-Oregon is a Fault State

Fault rules apply specifically to car accident cases for Oregon. The fault state rule means that in Oregon car accident cases you can sue the other party for whatever accident or injuries they caused. This of course, is if your case meets the the 51% rule.

Oregon and the 51% Rule

This means that if you are responsible for anything more than 49% of the accident then you cannot sue. Basically the other party must be responsible for 51% of the accident or injuries.

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What about Damage Caps in Oregon Injury Law?

(How much could I possibly get?)
There are no damage caps in place for Oregon. As of right now, Oregon legislature is trying to cap malpractice damages. Bill HB 3228 seeks to lower the costs of healthcare by capping compensation that malpractice claimants can receive. This bill, HB 3228, would basically set a $500 cap to non economic damages like pain and suffering. Another Oregon bill, HB3519, if put in effect would thoroughly review all claims before they even get to trial. This isn't really a damage cap but it will most likely limit the amount of claims that go to Oregon trial. Understanding damage caps in Oregon can be a bit tricky and are best understood with the help of an Oregon injury lawyer by your side.

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