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Pennsylvania Personal Injury

Pennsylvania Personal Injury Laws

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Hiring a Personal injury attorney in Pennsylvania is a great start to receiving the damages you deserve. Knowing the basics on Pennsylvania injury law like negligence, the 51 percent rule, statute of limitations, and damage caps can speed up the process for you.

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Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations

(How long do I have to file my damages claim in Pennsylvania?)
The standard time you have to file an injury claim in Pennsylvania is 2 years. This statute of limitations applies to personal injury claims for negligent conduct, product liability claims, wrongful dealth claims, and medical malpractice claims. If you are a victim of libel and slander you only have 1 year to file your claim.

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Car Accident Claims?
Pennsylvania is a No Fault State

This rule means that Pennsylvania drivers can only sue for serious injuries as defined by state laws. An experienced Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer can specify the "serious injury threshold" rules for you. Your own insurance will pay for basic injuries sustained from the car accident. This rule goes hand in hand with Pennsylvanias observance of the 51% rule.

Pennsylvania Follows the 51% Rule

This 51 percent rule means that if you are more than 49% at fault then you cannot sue the other party for damages.

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Medical Malpractice Damage Caps in Pennsylvania?

(What amount can I get in damages?)
For punitive damages, there is a damage cap of twice the amount of actual damages. The Pennsylvania damage cap is set at $500,000 but usually rises each year. If you are ready to file a claim and need more information on to date damage caps, contact a Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer.

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