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Rhode Island Personal Injury

Rhode Island Personal Injury Laws

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Personal injury law can differ from state to state. If you have suffered due to personal injury, and are seeking damages, hire a Rhode Island lawyer to represent you. Though you may understand Rhode Island law, having an attorney in your corner can ensure you get you the full amount of damages you deserve. There are many other types of personal injury cases than car accidents or malpractice. Visit our "types of accident and injuries" pages to see more.

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Rhode Island Statute of Limitations

Time periods for filing a claim in Rhode Island)
Depending on the type of your Rhode Island personal injury claim, the time period you have to file may differ. You have a 3 year window to file a claim for malpractice, personal injury, and wrongful death. If you have a product liability claim that you are wanting to file you have 10 years. If unfortunately you need to file a Rhode Island child sexual abuse case then you have 7 years. These are general time frames, it is always a wise decision to consult with a Rhode Island injury law lawyer for specifics regarding your case.

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Rhode Island Car Accident?
-Rhode Island is a Fault State

This rule means that if another party caused your Rhode Island car accident then you can sue for damages. What you can sue the other party for is outlined in the Rhode Island "comparative negligence" rule.

Rhode Island is a Comparative Negligence State

This rule for Rhode Island car accidents means that you can sue according to the other parties negligence. If the other party was responsible for 7% of the accident and you were responsible for 93% of the accident; you can only sue for 7% of damages. A personal injury lawyer in Rhode Island can help you prove the other parties percentage of negligence.

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Rhode Island Damage Caps for Medical Malpractice

(Is there a limit to damages I can get?)
There are no damage cap limits in the state of Rhode Island. There is a constant debate on damage caps and it is always a wise decision to contact a Rhode Island personal injury attorney for more information regarding medical malpractice caps.

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