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Tennessee Personal Injury

Tennessee Personal Injury Laws

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Though we highight Tennessee car accident and malpractice information below, there are many other types of cases. We believe that you will find any information you need regarding your specific case throughout our site. If you need more information and help with filing your injury claim, please complete our free case evaluation to speak with an attorney today.

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The Tennessee Statute of Limitations for Filing Claims

(How long do I have to file my Tennessee claim?)
You need to act fast! In general, you have only 1 year to file your Tennessee personal injury claims. This includes product liability, wrongful death claims, malpractice claims, and negligent conduct personal injury claims. There are rare instances when you have more time to file your Tennessee claim. You should speak to an attorney for detailed information to see if your case is one of these rare situations...

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Tennessee Car Accident?
-Tennessee is a Fault State

Because Tennessee observes this rule, you can sue for any damages that another party caused you. But there is a stipulation because Tennessee also observes the 50% rule.

Tennessee Law and the 50% rule

The 50 percent rule means this: You can only sue for damages if you are 50% or less at fault for the accident or injuries. A qualified Tennessee personal injury lawyer can help you prove negligence and determine fault for your case.

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What are the Damage Caps in Tennessee Injury Law?

(How much can I get in damages?)
At this moment in time there are no damage caps in Tennesee medical malpractice law. Usually the Tennessee courts help determine how much is awarded in damages.

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