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Washington DC Personal Injury

Washington DC Personal Injury Laws

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Washington DC personal injury laws and rules are slightly different. Understanding statutes of limitations, damage caps, and if you can even sue are a great starting point in getting your claim off the ground. Please contact one of our DC lawyers for your personal injury claim if you need additional help.

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Washington DC Statute of Limitations

(How long do I have to file my DC claim?)
For general personal injury in Washington DC you have 3 years to file your claim under the statute of limitations rule. Speak to an attorney for more claim times for filing a District of Columbia claim.

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Car Accidents
-Washington DC is a Choice No Fault State

This means that each driver has a requirement to carry insurance coverage for personal injury and collision. If a driver was to seek damages, it would be awarded through their own no fault insurance coverages. Speak to a District of Columbia injury attorney for specific details regarding "no fault". You could also speak to your insurance company but most people find it somewhat difficult and they could offer you a settlement far less than you expect.

Washington DC and Contributory Negligence

Negligence laws are all about suing the other party. DC uses contributory negligence and in a nutshell this means; if you are at all responsible for your injuries you cannot sue. This means if you even hold 1% responsibility, you can't do it.

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What about Damage Caps in Washington DC?

(How much could I possibly get in damages?)
Damage caps usually deal with malpractice claims and medical negligence. In Washington DC there are no damage caps for these types of claims. Contact a personal injury lawyer for damage cap details about your specific case.

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